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About Kizuna Dojo

In 2009, a dedicated children's practice was created as an extension of the Sydney Kendo Club.. Since this time, the club has grown into one of Sydney's largest junior kendo clubs. In 2017, we formally became Kizuna Dojo and in 2018, we introduced an adult kendo class.

Kizuna (), means "bond between people" in Japanese.

The kanji is made up of two parts; the first part, meaning rope or thread, shows weaving together or connecting. The second part, meaning half, represents two halves that become stronger when they are connected.

Our club caters for both adults and children from the age of 6 years old and is affiliated with the NSW Kendo Association, the Australian Kendo Renmei and the International Kendo Federation. We are also registered with the Office of the Children’s Guardian and as a NSW Active Kids Provider.

Chika Iwasa 5th Dan
David Banbury 4th Dan


Kendo Sydney - Kizuna Dojo
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